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Wine Tour to Champagne from Paris !

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Live with iGoVE a unique daily experience of Wine tour to Champagne from Paris. Indeed, you will be able to take a deep breath of fresh air for a day !

Wine Tour Champagne

Come and visit our wine region at only 45 minutes away from the capital ! two options are available for you to come meet us and taste our great wines.

  • Option 1 : Our drivers will meet you directly in Paris, and you will leave the capital by car, for an hour and a half ride. Discover on the way some winegrowers, and enjoy a luxuous and eco friendly journey in Champagne.

Wine tour from Champagne to Paris

  • Option 2 : You can leave the Capital by train, for a 45 minutes journey to Gare de Reims. Our drivers will meet you directly Reims train station, and will drive you all day long for a wine tour you will remember.

Wine tour Champagne

For this daily trip, you will be able to chose the experience you would like to taste :

  1. Biodynamic Experience : Go to discover the piooners of biodynamics in champagne.

  2. Traditionnal Experience : Discover the main winegrowers and houses of our region.

  3. Tomorrow's Winegrower Experience : Meet these women and men committed to shaping the vineyards of tomorrow.

  4. Flagship Houses Experience : Visit internationally renowned Champagne houses.

Each one of these experiences is 100% customizable according to your desires. We can work together to create the experience you dream of, so you can leave Champagne with memories to be kept forever !

Team iGoVE


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